The white label authoring platform for easy creation of interactive contents for web & mobile publishers.



We provide Content Infrastructure for brands & digital publishers.

  1. Create and buy innovative content
  2. Schedule & publish everywhere
  3. Own your content

The problem

The Digital Publishing Model is broken.

  • Consumers have lost their patience: 78% of them don’t read entire articles
  • The average attention span of a human being has dropped to 8 seconds (hello goldfish)
  • 76% of journalists are feeling more pressured to share on social networks

How do you win the battle?

The Media Industry needs to engage users and select Content that is:

  • Innovative / Unique
  • Entertaining / Enhances interaction / Viral
  • Leveraging inhouse assets
  • Affordable / Easy to produce

Our solution

The platform

Easy creation

  • Thousands of content items are already available for immediate use
  • Instant creation of highly interactive content using Google Spreadsheets (for bulk production) or our web interface


  • Automatically embed the content in your own CMS / Website / Mobile / Social media
  • Multiple engaging formats (tech-easy integration)

100% Client ownership

  • Own your content. The Juga Platform provides the solution with a white label model
  • Select and own your ads


  • Customize the style of the content to fit your design
  • Leverage the Juga publishing API to automate the process


Create and buy multiple innovative formats.

Our infrastructure adapts to your needs:

Buy and order ready to use content
Use our simple web editor
Quickly produce lots of content using our Google Spreadsheet import process

Many formats

Make your audience stay, get engaged, come back and share with our interactive content.

“In 2017 more than 50% of global web browsing was mobile”, at we daily see 65% mobile visits: Our content is designed for both mobile and desktops!
  • Quizzes,
  • Votes and polls,
  • Personality tests,
  • Fun calculators,
  • Tarots, horoscope, biorhythms,
  • And more…

See demo

Innovate with our API

Our platform stores player actions (votes, scores, stats) and makes them available to your developer.

Design widgets to re-inject user generated content on your website (i.e.: favorite football player according to your audience).


Create once, publish everywhere. It is simple.

HTML embed

Easily embed items into your pages with three lines of HTML just like you would insert a YouTube video.

Feed API

Create feeds, schedule items and let your developers automate your website updates thanks to our friendly API.

Facebook Instant Articles’s content is compatible with Facebook Instant Articles, we help you set up and automate your FIA feed.

Web notifications

Notifying your users about new content has never been easier thanks to our API and OneSignal service.


Our content is embedded on your website, your designer can customize it using CSS!

Watch item events using javascript to enhance your visitor experience, track events and refresh ads.

The team

A dynamic startup located in Barcelona.

We are a multicultural team of authors, video game creators, web engineers, and innovators.

We gather 40+ years of experience in mobile content production and web video games.

Juga Entertainment S.L. was:

  • Funded by Bventures capital fund
  • Finalist of Impact Open Call (2016)

Contact us

In partnership with

Case history

Gazzafun: An interactive and fun local content website, in partnership with the newspaper "La Gazzetta di Parma", See Gazzafun.

The Concept

  • La Gazzetta di Parma uses the portal to offer a new kind of content to its traditional readers.
  • takes care of item creation and scheduling. The lightweight portal uses our feed API to automatically update its content.


  • Boost of Social presence
  • Partner using its own ad platform
  • x10 pageviews
  • Partner boosting its reputation
  • Ease of use with local contests and polls

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